Kick It Cleaner Degreaser, Gee & Haw Trucj and Trailer Wash, Smokin' Al Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener
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kickit counter top display
New "Ready-to-use" Kick It Cleaner Degreaser counter top display unit now available.

Kick It Cleaner-Degreaser, one of our hottest best sellers is now available in a convenient ready-to-use 32 oz. spray bottle – in this attractive counter top display. Put this great display in a high traffic area for increased sales. Click here for more details.

Mr. Quick Shine, the shine maintainer, counter top display, another great traffic builder

Mr. QuickShine is one of our newest products that "caught-on" quickly. Truckers love Mr. QuickShine for its ease of use and its brilliant, lustrous shine. A great marketing addition to any counter. Click here for more details.