Mule Head Brand's best sellers got that way because they deliver top performance as degreasers, cleaners, brighteners and odor eliminators.

Mule Head Brand users from coast to coast depend on our products to make their daily jobs easier.

T.W. Sparkles Glass and Surface Cleaner Great all-purpose cleaner. No shop, office or home should be with out it. Pleasant, refreshing smell. Now available in our new counter-top display. Click here for more details.

• Mettal Mule Kleener - Cleans chrome, stainless steel, polished
aluminum. Just spray it on an
wipe it off.

• Smokin' Al Aluminum Cleaner and Brightner Removes diesel smoke,
road film and oxides from aluminum.
Big time.

• Double Team Truck'n Trailer Wash - Cuts road film, bug residue, and exhaust
deposits. No brushing necessary.

• Kick It Cleaner Degreaser - Cleans engines, tools, floors, heavy equipment and much more. If it’s greasy, Kick It
will clean it. Ready to use.

• No Mo Bugz - Cuts every bug known
to man from windshields, headlights,
grills, mirrors and all other surfaces.
Ready to use.

• Stink's Gone - Extreme Odor
Eliminator - Eliminates odors in trucks, restrooms, kennels, shops, homes and
offices. Ready to use.

• Mammoth Jack Bacteria/Digestant/ Odor Eliminator– Bio-engineered for
garbage and waste haulers odor
elimination. Ready to use.

• Mule Head Brand Hand Cleaners
Big Mule Wipes, Original Red and
Muscle  Great in the shop, office or
home. Gentle to hands, tough
on grease and grime.

Contact us for details about our complete line of Mule Head Brand products.

mule head brand best sellrs
Mule Head Brand's top choices, our best sellers
for degreasing, cleaning, brightening
and odor elimination
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