Welcome to Mule Head Brand. We are featuring selections from our library of product literature highlighting our degreasers, cleaners, brighteners, hand cleaners, metal cleaners, and odor eliminators. This literature is available for downloading.

Contact us for details about our complete line of Mule Head Brand products. We sell only to authorized distributors and will be happy to steer you to the distributor nearest you.

Our proprietary high performance maintenance products for the heavy-duty truck and R.V., industrial and janitorial industries truly “Kick Stubborn Grease in the Head.”  Our odor elimination products set the standard for the rest of the industry.

Manufactured by T. W. Pelton & Co., Mule Head Brand modestly began in 1988 with one product, Formula 4000 Cleaner/Degreaser. Market acceptance of this product was immediate and enthusiastic. High performance Formula 4000’s success paved the way for our current line of more than 30 maintenance products for virtually any application where grease, grime and obnoxious odors create problems. 

Our network of distributors now covers 40 states and continues to grow. Whatever your company's need might be — greasy hands, problem floors, obnoxious odors, or dirty equipment — our Mule Head Brand products offer you a high performance solution. 

Contact us to find your nearest authorized Mule Head Brand distributor.

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